Charitable Hospital (Patient Entry With Slip Printing)

Charitable Hospital (Patient Entry With Slip Printing). .
Database SQL Sever and Front-end VB.Net Project Contain :
* Patient Entry With Fees Different type * Donation Entry
*Cash Payment Voucher *With All Slip Printing
*Cash Report With Summary and Detail
*Copy Backup To Email And Local Drive

Bill Wise Payment Marking (Maintain Bill Wise Details) (Payment BTOB ) –

Bill Wise Payment Marking (Maintain Bill Wise Details) (Payment BTOB )
* Define Credit Days of Party in Account Master * Enter Sale Bills of Party
* Bank Book Entry module User can mark payment against bill
#in Bill wise Payment Form Show all Bills of Party with
Columns Like ( Bill No | Bill Date | Bill Amount | Previous Rect | Balance Amt | Rect Amt
# After mark the amount of Bills Save Entry of Bill Marking
# Bank Voucher Amount generate Automatically from Bill Mark Amount
* Payment Dash Board (Pending Bill Wise Report)
#Over Due payments of Party automatically highlight
. #Only Over Due Payments Show by single click.
#Bill Wise Pending Amount Show And partial Payment Pending Show
. #Show Bills days wise only (Over days pending or not )

SBM (Sale Bank Management )

SBM (Sale Bank Management )
Project contain – Party Master -City /State Master –
Sale Book Entry -Bank Book Entry –
Payment Balance Party Wise (Report) .
Front End VB.Net And Back-end Sql Express

Cloud Database With VB.Net Offline Exe

Cloud Database With VB.Net Offline Exe .
Same Database can be access from Multiple location.
no need to setup any Remote or VPN etc.

Retail Billing With Barcode Scanning And Bill Printing

Retail Billing With Barcode Scanning .
Back-end Database SQL-Server With Front End VB.NET
BIll Printing with SAP Crystal report In This Video
*Login With User Name And Password
First Create New Products (Items) In Item Master With GST and Hsncode
And Sale Rate
In Sale Invoice Entry Scan Your Barcode and all details Will be update automatically,
GST Tax Will be Calculate Inclusive
Rate wise Print Invoice Copy and You can save in PDF format,

Fumigation Project (Fumigation Certificate Printing )

Fumigation Project ( Fumigation Certificate Printing ) Software Contain
* Party Master ( Shipper / Consignee )
* City /State Master
* Fumigation Certificate Data Entry
* Fumigation Certificate Printing

Google Drive Upload with VB.Net

* You Can Upload Any Kind of file With manual Mode
* Automatically mode will be create Rar file of database and Upload to Google

My First Project

**Demo Project Reloaded
* Connectivity Database Access with VB.Net ( Database Oracle And SQL Server Connectivity also can Be Used.)
* Multi Item GST Bill
* Import Sale Bill Item From Excel * Duplicate Item Code
* Four Sale Reports In One Window